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Rodrigo y Gabriela … Yeap I might be back!!

Well, it has been more than 2 years since I posted something on this mighty web site. I do not know if this will be an epic return or it would be only a one-time thing. But what I know is that I really needed to share this.

Rodrigo y Gabriela were in town

You might remember that this mere servant is a huge fan of this couple. But this time was different, it was not only about being a fan it was also about being Mexican and supporting Mexican talent. Man, it was fucking worthy!

I have never doubted Rodrigo y Gabriela ability to interact with the audience. But I had my concerns, here in Australia people enjoy live performances a little bit different than in Mexico. In Mexico and I can be bold and say that in all Latino America we go crazy in live performances. Here the level of craziness is not  Latin America level.

Picking up some friends

The journey started in Newtown, the meeting point for me and 3 of my friends (Korean, Chinese and Australian). I was excited to show them what Rodrigo and Gabriela can do. but first a pit stop… we need some food and if you are in Newtown Mary’s Burgers are the first option.

After an “Alternative” dinner it was time to get to Enmore Theater, first timer in that venue. Old and charming theater that have hosted events of all types. It was early but still a good chat listening Bob Marley in the background with the intervention of Blair Dunlop as a featured show.

21:00 hrs

It was time for Rodrigo y Gabriela. Rodrigo appears on the stage with a soft but strong guitar riff (remember these are Acoustic guitars) then Gabriela showed up and we just went bananas.

These guys do not require big gimmicks or strange things on the stage. A simple screen to project not only prepared visual but also a live feed from cameras in front and beside the stage and in each guitar head.

It took only a couple of songs to warm up and then….. they transform the environment in a total sharing of impressive guitar playing from them and energy from the audience. With a no fixed set list they light up the path with songs such as Tamacun, Juan Loco, The Soundmaker, Diablo Rojo, Ixtapa and of course amazing covers for Orion, Killing in the name and Have Five.

Towards the end, the response from the audience was what they deserved. People cheering, screaming, clapping, whistling almost mayhem.

Good news!!!

New record is coming and they promise to come back, we will be looking forward to it!

PD: Photo quality will increase, that is a promise